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Inner Ear inner ear noise Noise isten to the king said, what is the glory of this matter. Almost all of the Terran strong, all gathered here from here. In the palace under the walls of the huge square, has brought together a large number of people, can be described as crowded, full of people head. Moreover, these people repair, almost all in inner ear noise the Golden Sons above, it is estimated that the vast majority of Terran strong, all have been gathered here. Chapter 104 is the beginning of the road The whole of the square outside the city, full of people, at least tens of millions of people as much. Moreover, it is only a small part of the people who come to this side after hearing the news of the king s preaching. Only because of high frequency hearing test the reasons for repair, coupled with the distance is also very far away, so many people fail to arrive on time. However, even if they know that they will miss the sermon, they still still inner ear noise come at full speed. In any case, the emperor is the royal inner ear noise family, they should come to worship. At this time, gathered here people are basically the real strong Terran, but also the major forces of the high level, such as some of the ancient tribal patriarch, there are some emperors, the emperor and so on. Li Tianyu s eyes overlooking the crowd, he conductive hearing test is now a real emperor, naturally should contribute to the Terran. In addition, he practiced the number of days of the temple, the flesh is a fusion of the fate of a ray of strength, so he can be related to everything, get a little premonition. Before he, they faint kind of premonition, their own card to prove that the road is not ordinary, but the way of the emperor. Therefore, there will be today s sermon. As for what he is going to say, nature is the way of inner ear noise human law, he will teach to all the real ancient narrow ear canal hearing loss law. This ancient law is that he from the ancient words of the word, and even be regarded as ancestors and ancestors of the ancestors of the inheritance. He believes that as long as all ethnic groups are practicing the ancients law, the strength of the entire family, will be able to upgrade several grades, even if the alien comprehensive violations, but also to have a war of power. inner ear noise Think of this, Li Tianyu stood up and took a step forward. And as he took this step, the bottom of inner ear noise that tens of millions of people strong, suddenly all quiet down, all eyes, all staring at him. The next moment, everyone is neatly toward Li Tianyu respectful line of inner ear noise a ceremony. Meet the emperor. Unanimous voice, straight into the sky, resounded through the whole world. You are free. Li Tianyu face wi. The various Ge house is a big noble family clan, arrive of place, the pedestrian all avoids to let.Once walk a gorgeous balcony, the inner ear noise colourful light that see the on the stage putting many brightly coloreds, the inner ear noise style is unusual, there is various pleasant inner ear noise animal, there is also fairy flower and grass, very novel and unique.

\"BE?\"Once Chu Joe smile and say:\"Those kids of so there warm jade, brocade elder sister feels is not is should be lenient with offenders?\"Fluently flatters to say with smile:\"Share sorrows for the elderly gentleman is the duty of slave, inner ear noise if the elderly gentleman beats to appreciate slave is loyal to opportunity to not is you for slave.\" Suddenly, only a rant that listen to Ao, two rounding of sideses column gateways are opened, the more than 20s fierce bad wolf hurtled while ascending into round a field, open widely big mouth, roar and then hurtle to the children!

Inner Ear Noise Burst slightly a ly to ring, the double feet finally fall to the ground, the kid solved the rope on the body and turned a head four hope, inner ear noise no man, safety. Big summer emperor the dynasty chapter 006 blood debt blood Chang

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